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Why Choose TNT

TNT vs The Rest

So many companies base their decisions on the almighty dollar and as a business owner I understand the theory.  However, these same companies tender their work year after year because they are not happy with the current provider of services.

These reasons are very clear to us.

  • All of our staff is rigorously screened and only the best are hired, differing from other companies hiring everyone they can just to fill spots.
  • Our staff are paid better than other companies with our starting rates the same as other companies supervisor rates.
  • Our management is bar none the best with customer service, problem solving abilities and satisfaction guarantees with our clients. We will service our clients better than anyone, with management stopping in regularly to ensure your needs are met.
  • We do not employ staff that cannot stand for lengthy shifts, cannot deal with conflicts, are not physically capable to do the job at hand
  • We will not likely be the cheapest option dollar wise but our service will eliminate the headaches and overseeing that is done with other service providers.
  • We form a relationship with our clients to build trust and accountability.
  • We will shine above the rest.

Benefits of Hiring TNT Security?

The Benefits of having TNT Security Inc. (Sebringville), a part of any security program include, but are not limited to:

  • Reducing the cost of insurance premiums and fines that can arise from non-compliance with government regulations.
  • TNT provides a psychological and physical deterrent to illegal activity.
  • Site specific trained guards can enhance facility safety and security thus reducing losses, compensation claims and civil litigations.
  • Guards are representatives of the management and present a secure, caring environment in which the employees can achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Cooperating with competent, trained and willingly collaborative personnel in the event of crisis or emergency response.

TNT Security Inc. are screened, licensed, trained, and equipped better than their quaint predecessors and we are proud to be the "cutting edge of security management"

Choose TNT SECURITY INC. to secure your assests, the people you love, and those around you.

Our Clients

A list of selected clients we've partnered with

  • University of Western Ontario
  • Wilfred Laruier University
  • London Convention Centre
  • Stantec Consulting
  • Fergus Highland Games
  • Fergus Truck Show
  • Rogers Centre
  • KW Bluesfest
  • Concordia Club
  • Hockey Day in Canada
  • Saugeen Summer Nights
  • Stratford Festival
  • University of Guelph
  • Bingemans
  • Children's Aid Society

In addition, we have provided security to

  • Many construction sites across Southwestern Ontario
  • Emergency Security/Fire Watches
  • High-Risk Personal/Celebrity Protection
  • Firing and Dismissal Security
  • Sports Venues
  • and more