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VIP Protection

Bodyguard Service

TNT SECURITY INC conducts detailed security assessments in which each location is planned in advance and assessed for security risks, weaknesses, and threats. Our detailed approach mitigates potential risks and threats by anticipating areas of risk.

TNT SECURITY INC protects clients from the growing risk associated with physical threats and international travel by utilizing security professionals who display advanced and proven levels of experience. This service includes providing protection in the general public, sensitive environments, business settings, and challenging arenas.
We understand that lifestyle, corporate culture, family, and other considerations make each assignment conform to the appropriate religious and cultural protocol on all assignments.

Our close protection security services include:

  • Organizing and implementing secure travel procedures
  • Intelligence and operational support
  • Executive, employee and workforce protection and security
  • In-country logistical support
  • Asset escorting and transportation
  • Compound and premises security
  • Protection of TV journalists and film crews on location assignments
  • Armored vehicles (where required)

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