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Your Trusted Security Partner

TNT Security  has played a vital role in the protection of assets and physical operations of businesses nationwide since 2008.

An Individualized Customer Approach

At the helm of TNT Security INC. (Sebringville) are some of the industry's highest achievers providing solid management and leadership. The team integrates first class quality management systems with a commitment to ongoing training and real-time supervision of security personnel.

TNT Security INC. (Sebringville) continues to find new ways to bring value to customers as their trusted security partner. Anticipating and responding to the changing needs of a diverse client base is what sets TNT Security INC. (Sebringville) apart from its competition. Developing innovative security solutions and providing customer focused value added services keeps TNT Security INC. (Sebringville) at the forefront of the security industry.

From hospitals to high-rise corporate headquarters, major retail sites, distribution warehouses and key public assets, TNT Security INC. (Sebringville) is fast becoming Ontario's most trusted, high quality, security services provider.

We Hire Only The Best Guards

We select the very best trained personnel, providing extensive training in conjunction with their certified instructors and using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, TNT Security is able to provide superior quality security services.
Commercial Security
We will select the guards best suited to the public relations aspects of commercial security.
Industrial Security
Our staff are well trained and capable of providing a wide-range of industrial security tasks
Construction Security
Our guards can manage access and egress points of your construction site, keeping it safe and secure
Events Security
If you need added security for a concert, wedding, festival, sporting event or more, we can help.